Best Careers That Especially Interest Enneagram Type Eight

Enneagram Eights can be found in various occupations but there are certain occupations that they
are drawn to because of their natural gifts, talents and values. Here is a list of some of them.
Eights see themselves as strong, capable and powerful people. They are the type that
naturally like to be in charge. They also like to be in control and call the shots. So,
many Eights are born leaders.

• Administrator
• Business executive/leader
• Captain (ship/boat)
• Chairman
• Chief officer (CCO, CEO, CFO, COO,
• Commander in chief
• Director
• Founder of a company or institution
• Head coach (sports)
• Manager (especially in business)
• Military leader (sergeant, commander,
captain, lieutenant, admiral, general, etc.)
• Political leader
• President of a company
• Ruler of a country
• School principal
• Senior pastor/minister
• Superintendent
• Supervisor
• University president


Eights like to live life on their own terms. They often seek the autonomy and freedom

that self-employment brings and they possess all the necessary attributes to pull it off –
they are enterprising, creative, hard working, persistent, street smart, self-confident
and willing to take calculated risks.

• Architect
• Business owner
• Business/management consultant
• Computer consultant
• Entrepreneur
• Executive coach
• Inventor
• Lawyer (all kinds but especially
mergers and acquisitions)
• New business developer
• Organizational development specialist
• Political consultant
• Restaurant/bar owner
• Sales/marketing guru

Many Eights subconsciously believe (or at one time did) that the world is a hard and

unjust place. Not surprisingly, they like to be law and justice makers and enforcers.
Because of this they often choose work in law, politics, law enforcement, the military or
corrections where they can “serve and protect.”

• Child support abuse investigator
• Compliance officer
• Corrections officer
• Criminal investigator
• Federal marshal
• Game enforcement officer
• Gaming investigator
• Immigration and customs inspector
• Industrial espionage security officer
• Insurance fraud investigator
• Judge
• Law enforcement officer
• Lawyer/attorney
• Lobbyist
• Military officer
• Missing persons investigator
• Police detective
• Police officer
• Politician/political manager
• Private detective/investigator
• Probation/Parole officer
• Security guard/officer
• Sheriff or deputy sheriff
• Special agent (e.g., CIA, FBI)
• Unemployment fraud investigator
• Warden

The desire for financial independence can be such a driving force for some Eights that

all of their energy is poured into making money.

• Arbitrageur
• Casino owner
• Corporate raider
• Day trader
• Hedge fund trader
• High yield bond trader
• Investment banker
• Real estate broker

• Real estate developer
• Real estate investor
• Stock broker
• Stock market investor
• Stock trader
• Venture capitalist
Some Eights enjoy work that is risky, physically taxing, fast-paced, challenging and/or
• Emergency medical technician (EMT)
• Emergency room doctor/surgeon
• Firefighter
• Paramedic
• Pilot
• Professional athlete
• Racing car driver
• Rescue worker
• Ski patroller
• Stunt man/woman

Eights have incredible amounts of energy and, being a body centered type, many of
them love to work outdoors doing work requiring bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.
• Commercial fisherman/woman
• Construction worker
• Construction foreman/woman
• General contractor
• Landscaper
• Lawn care business owner/worker
• Logger
• Moving company owner/worker
Some Eights love to live larger-than-life and have a rip-roaring good time so they are
sometimes attracted to jobs in entertainment, hospitality or recreation.
• Actor/performer/entertainer
• Casino owner/manager
• Cruise director
• Hotel owner/manager
• Nightclub owner/manager
• Restaurant or bar owner/manager

Eights have clever defense mechanisms that prevent them from seeing themselves as
vulnerable, weak or dependent in any way. However, their sensitive, vulnerable child
that made the decision to protect themselves at all costs in childhood still lives inside.
Because of Eights’ subconscious belief that the strong take advantage of the weak,
healthy Eights like to empower, mentor, guide, and protect other people, especially
children, minorities and anyone that could be taken advantage of by other powerful
people (usually unhealthy Eights!).
• Counselor/therapist
• Human resources manager
• Human rights activist
• Psychiatrist
• Psychologist
• School teacher
• Trade union leader
• University/college professor

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