11 Sample Enneagram Type Eight Personal Mission Statements

Most people don’t have a personal mission statement which is why I am including some here
based on each Enneagram type’s innate gifts, talents, interests and values. A personal mission
statement is nothing more than a brief written statement of your overall purpose in life, your
personal vision for who you want to be in and for the world. Helen Keller once said, “The most
pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision.” I would use the word
pitiable (as in evoking compassion) instead of pathetic but otherwise I agree with her. Without a
“why” to live for that makes a contribution life quickly becomes empty and meaningless.

#1. My mission is to make money and help my clients make money so that we have the
financial independence to live life on our own terms.
#2. My mission is to lead and empower people.
#3. My mission is to bring out inner resources and strengths in people that they never knew
they possessed.
#4. My mission is to protect battered women from abusive husbands by setting up shelters.
#5. My mission is to master myself so that I can have a beneficial impact on people and on the
#6. My mission is to apprentice young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs.
#7. My mission is to uphold truth and justice and champion people.
#8. My mission is to help failing businesses get on their feet.
#9. My mission is to provide for, protect, and above all love my family.
#10. My mission is to mentor and empower my athletes to be the best they can be both on and
off the field (the mission statement of a college football head coach).
#11. My mission is to create more principle-centered leaders