Some Work and Life Values of Eights

Work Values

Some of the work values important to Eights are (choose which ones apply to you):
• Autonomy
• Challenge
• Competition
• Contribution (to betterment of world)
• Develop others’ potential
• Diversity and change
• Excitement and adventure
• Fast pace
• Financial independence
• Goal achievement
• High income
• Influencing other people’s lives
• Intellectual stimulation
• Leadership
• Meaningful work
• Power and authority
• Prestige and status
• Professional recognition
• Risk-taking
• Time/schedule flexibility

Universal Life Values

Which of the following universal life values are important to you?

• A loving, intimate partnership
• Aesthetics/beauty
• Career fulfillment/success
• Close family relationships
• Close friendships
• Faith/spiritual connection
• Financial security/comfort
• Good health/wellness
• Good physical fitness
• Inner peace
• Integrity/honesty
• Joy/happiness
• Ongoing learning potential
• Service/contribution
• Creativity/originality
• Time freedom/independence

Some Life Values of Eights

Some of the life values important to Eights are (choose which ones apply to you):
• Achievement
• Ambition
• Autonomy
• Big-heartedness
• Boldness
• Championing others
• Control over their life
• Courage
• Decisiveness
• Directness
• Drive
• Empowering others
• Enterprising attitude
• Fairness
• Fearlessness
• Freedom
• Getting results
• Hard-work ethic
• Having influence
• Honor and respect
• Independence
• Initiative
• Justice
• Leadership ability
• Loyalty
• Power
• Pragmatism
• Productivity
• Protection, of self and others
• Providing, for self and others
• Resourcefulness
• Self-assertiveness
• Self-reliance
• Shrewdness
• Sovereignty
• Street smarts
• Strength
• Toughness
• Trustworthiness
• Wealth (for some)

As an Eight, career satisfaction means doing work that…..

  1. Allows me to be in charge (preferably working for myself) or working with a handful of
    people like myself that are hard-working, action-oriented, competent and honest.
  2. Allows me to work with a boss (if I’m not the boss) whom I respect and can trust.
  3. Allows me to work with a boss that doesn’t micromanage, gives me freedom to take
    initiative and even allows me to take some calculated risks with big potential payoffs.
  4. Is active, fast-paced, stimulating, challenging and has practical applications.
  5. Respects my need to do things my own way, make my own decisions and have a great
    deal of control over my work.
  6. Makes use of my ability to see possibilities in situations and people.
  7. Rewards strength, drive, hard work, persistence and productive results.
  8. Makes use of my innate desire to tackle problems head on and uphold just causes.
  9. Involves real people and things, not abstract theories; where my efforts can be directed
    towards producing a tangible product or service.
  10. Doesn’t require a lot of frustrating inefficiency or tedious detail work.