22 Natural Gifts and Talents of Enneagram Type Eights

As an Eight, I have some, or all, of these natural gifts and talents that I take for granted:

#1. The ability to take charge and assume positions of leadership

#2. The ability to see potential in people and possibilities in situations

#3. The ability to empower and encourage others to be strong and take charge of their life

#4. The ability to bring out the best in people by challenging them yet believing in them

#5. The ability to protect and help those that have been taken advantage of or mistreated

#6. The ability to fight for truth and justice and stand up for what I believe in

#7. The ability to put enormous energy, passion and intensity into whatever I do

#8. The ability to achieve any goal I set for myself, by working long and hard if necessary

#9. The ability to take initiative/action and get things done (and get things done quickly)

#10. The ability to size people up quickly and figure out their weaknesses

#11. The ability to take daring risks but based on practical intuition

#12. The ability to enforce [fair] rules imposed on others and break [unfair] rules imposed on me

#13. The ability to run my own business successfully

#14. The ability to direct my own life and not be swayed, influenced or coerced by others

#15. The ability to endure triumphantly/honorably through any tragedy, misfortune, or adversity

#16. The ability to give my word and honor it, come hell or high water!

#17. The ability to take control of a bad situation (a failing business or government, for
example) and turn it around

#18. The ability to create financial independence (because of my strong desire not to be
dependent on anyone)

#19. The ability to speak my mind and inspire others to do the same

#20. The ability to remain a source of strength, stability, reliability and dependability for others
despite extreme hardship or trying circumstances

#21. The ability to accept enormous responsibility and solve difficult problems

#22. The ability to produce positive change in the world (with my vision, compassion and strength)