Career Talents, Values & Interests for Enneagram type EIGHTS

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Donald Trump are two famous Enneagram Eights but look how
different they are based on other systems (click on the links below to see what I mean):

Martin Luther King Biography Donald Trump Biography
Temperament system True Blue Bold Orange
Myers-Briggs system ENFJ ESTP
Dosha Type system Pitta-Kapha type Pitta type
Aura Colors system Violet/Yellow Green/Yellow
Multiple Intelligences system
Numerology system born on the 1 5
of the month born on the 1 4
of the month
Numerology system 28/10 Life Path 31/4 Life Path
Astrology system Moon conjunct Venus Sun conjunct Uranus
Astrology system Sun opposition Pluto Moon opposition Uranus
Astrology system King’s Astrology Report Trump’s Astrology Report
Michael system (Old Soul) Priest (Young Soul) King

So, what DO Martin Luther King, Jr. and Donald Trump have in common,
both being Enneagram type Eights?
All Eights see themselves as strong, capable and competent people. They are often
powerful people too. They are motivated by the need to be self-reliant and to have complete
control over their lives. They are assertive, intense, self-confident and have a strong inner drive
to do something with their life. They are action-oriented, daring people who thrive on challenge
and love taking the initiative to make things happen. They are more interested in being
respected than being liked so are able to go after what they want despite criticism or opposition.
Eights are natural leaders who want to make a big impact on the world. Doesn’t that sound
like both Donald Trump and Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Eights can have either a Seven wing or a Nine wing. Donald Trump is an Eight with a
Seven wing and Martin Luther King, Jr. is an Eight with a Nine wing. If, after clicking on
the previous links, you feel that you are more of an Eight with a strong Seven wing, look at what
Enneagram type Sevens need for career satisfaction as well. If you feel you are more of an Eight
with a strong Nine wing, look at what Enneagram type Nines need for career satisfaction as well.
Average to unhealthy Eights are primarily concerned with obtaining the resources (like
money) they need to stay in complete control. They can be workaholics like average to unhealthy
Ones and Threes. Eights are actually soft on the inside but average to unhealthy Eights have
disowned that side of themselves so they seem extra tough on the outside. Eights are often in
leadership positions or self-employed because they have so much driven and ambition. People
working with or for average to unhealthy Eights can, at times, find them to be too aggressive,
domineering, insensitive, self-centered and confrontive. These Eights tend to live life as if
someone might take advantage of them if they show any signs of weakness, vulnerability or sensitivity. Thus, they can come across as coldhearted and callous. This can cause all kinds of
serious, hostile problems at work.
Healthy Eights master themselves and their passions, especially their lust for power.
They let go of their constant struggle for personal control and instead use their strength to
empower and improve others’ lives. Healthy Eights can be authentically frank yet compassionate;
opinionated yet open to the thoughts of others; strong and forceful yet kind and magnanimous.
Many Eights become involved in causes they deem important and some even become historically
great. Examples of healthy Eights are Barbara Walters, Fritz Perls, Theodore Roosevelt,
Milton Erickson, Sean Connery, Paul Newman, Glenn Close, Danny DeVito, Madame
(Helena) Blavatsky, Winston Churchill, Lyndon Johnson, Indira Gandhi, Franklin D.
Roosevelt, George Gurdjieff and Mikhail Gorbachev.