Best Careers That Especially Interest Sevens

Enneagram Sevens are the most multi-talented of all the types so they are found in numerous
types of occupations. Sevens usually have more careers in a lifetime than any other type
because of their innate love of variety and change. As just mentioned, Sevens can be found in
many different occupations but there are certain occupations they are particularly drawn to
because of their natural gifts, talents and values. Here is a list of some of them.
Most Sevens are enterprising, personable, quick-thinking and constantly coming up
with numerous great ideas. They love to interact with people, are excellent at product
positioning, and read people’s needs and motivations well so they often find marketing,
sales, public relations and negotiating jobs particularly appealing.
• Advertising account executive
• Advertising creative director
• Advertising promotion manager
• Advertising sales agent
• Marketing manager
• Marketing specialist/consultant
• Media planner
• Negotiator
• Promoter
• Public relations director
• Public relations specialist
• Publicist
• Publicity writer
• Sales agent (especially real estate,
insurance or securities & commodities)
• Sales manager

Some Sevens are attracted to jobs that involve travel because many of them love the
variety, freedom, adventure and new experiences that traveling occupations often offer.
• Boat/ship captain
• Cruise director/worker
• Flight attendant
• Flight instructor
• Pilot
• Tour/travel guide
• Travel agent (with the benefit of being
able to travel inexpensively)
• Travel writer
• Traveling reporter
Some Sevens enjoy jobs where they get to work outdoors or that involve an element of
physical risk (especially 7s with an 8 wing or 7s with an Orange core aura color)
because they are fast-paced, exhilarating, challenging, and often offer variety.
• Bungee jumping instructor
• Critical care nurse
• Emergency response worker
• Firefighter
• Hang gliding instructor
• Intelligence agent/specialist (i.e. FBI)
• Lifeguard
• Paramedic/EMT
• Police officer or detective
• Private investigator
• Race car driver
• Rescue worker
• Rock climbing instructor
• Ski patroller
• Skydiving instructor
• Stunt man/woman

Most Sevens have a ton of energy and some want to be young and play forever so they
are often attracted to jobs in the fitness industry that are active and fun (especially 7s
with the Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence).
• Aerobics instructor
• Personal trainer
• Pilates instructor
• Yoga instructor
Sevens are natural communicators. With their often superior verbal and written
communication skills (the Verbal-Linguistic intelligence) they are drawn to jobs in
communications or the media.
• Columnist
• Commentator
• Correspondent
• Editor
• Journalist
• Literary agent
• Media specialist
• Motivational speaker
• Playwright/screenwriter
• Radio disc jockey
• Reporter
• Translator
• TV anchor/newscaster
• TV game show host
• TV talk

Most Sevens love to have a good time and interact with people, so many fast-paced,
lively jobs in the food and beverage industry appeal to them (Sevens also do well under
time pressure).
• Bar/club/casino owner/manager
• Bartender
• Host/hostess
• Restaurant owner/manager
• Restaurant worker
• Waiter/waitress
Most Sevens love to entertain and be entertained (especially 7s with a Yellow core aura
color) so jobs in the entertainment business are often appealing to them.
• Actor/actress (especially comic)
• Agent/manager (of artists, performers)
• Dancer
• Director (stage, motion picture, TV)
• Film/TV camera operator
• Film/TV producer
• Musician
• Performer
• Singer
• Special effects technician
• Talent director
• Talk show host
Most Sevens (especially 7s that have a Yellow core aura color) love to make people
laugh so any job where they get to tell animated stories, act goofy and/or joke around
is appealing to them.
• Children’s storyteller
• Circus clown
• Comedian/comedienne
• Disc jockey
• Humorist/comic writer
• Party clown
• Rodeo clown
• Shock jock (radio DJ)
• TV game show host
• TV talk show host

Some Sevens have a Vata constitution so they have a sensitive stomach and delicate
digestive system which naturally makes them concerned about their diet, health and
healing. Some of these Sevens like to help other people with their health and/or
dietary issues.
• Dietitian/nutritionist
• Family practitioner
• Herbalist
• Holistic health practitioner
• Nurse
• Public health educator
Because Sevens have so many original ideas, tons of energy, and a love of freedom,
many of them follow one of their great ideas right into self-employment.
• Business consultant
• Entrepreneur
• Independent trainer
• Small business owner
Many Sevens are good at building relationships, developing rapport, appreciating
differences, and mediating conflict so some business and human resources jobs are
appealing to them.
• Account executive
• Conference programmer
• Consultative manager
• Consultative salesperson
• Corporate communications director
• Corporate trainer
• Diversity manager
• Employment interviewer
• Human resources generalist/specialist
• Industrial psychologist
• Mediator
• Negotiator
• Organizational development consultant
• Strategic partnership developer

Sevens are imaginative, creative and original. Some have a talent for the arts and
design so often find the following careers appealing.
• Art director
• Costume designer
• Creative director, multimedia team
• Desktop publisher
• Fine artist
• Floral designer
• Graphic artist/designer
• Interior decorator
• Landscape designer
• Multimedia specialist
• Music composer
• Photographer
• Set designer
• Special events producer

• Wardrobe designer • Web site designer

Some Sevens are great with their hands. They enjoy doing skilled trade work in jobs
such as the following.
• Air traffic controller
• Aircraft mechanic
• Carpenter
• Chef
• Craft worker
• Electrician
• General contractor
• Mason
• Mechanic
• Plumber
Empathetic, feeling-oriented Sevens are often drawn to education and human services
work such as the following.
• Adult literary specialist
• Child care worker
• Coach (life or business)
• Counselors of all kinds
• Educational consultant
• Fundraiser/institutional solicitor
• Instructional coordinator
• Philanthropic consultant/director
• Religious educator/leader
• School psychologist
• Social scientist
• Social workers of all kinds
• Teachers of all kinds (especially
interdisciplinary studies)

Some Sevens (especially Thinkers) are drawn to law because they can use their sharp
mind, grasp of the big picture, charming personality and quick thinking to outwit their
• Lawyers of all kinds (especially entertainment or communication & media. Others:
criminal, election, entertainment, financial services, litigation, product liability, children,
non-profit, trust & estate, domestic relations, environmental, and intellectual property)
Many Sevens are athletes since they have an abundance of energy, love a challenge,
and like having fun. Other Sevens just love the excitement of sports so often choose
sports-related jobs such as the following.
• Agent/manager of athletes
• Coach of an athlete
• Professional athlete
• Referee/umpire
• Scout
• Sports commentator
• Sports event camera operator
• Sports medicine specialist
• Sports news reporter
• Sports photographer
• Sports team coach
• Sports team manager
• Sports team promoter/publicist
• Sportswriter
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