Some Work and Life Values of Enneagram Type Sevens

Work Values

Some of the work values important to Sevens are (choose which ones apply to you):
• Challenge
• Change and variety
• Contact with others
• Contribution (to betterment of world)
• Excitement and adventure
• Fast pace
• Freedom
• Hands-on work
• Independence
• Meaningful work
• Ongoing learning
• Originality and creativity
• Outdoor work
• Power & authority (7s with an 8 wing)
• Risk-taking
• Security (7s with a 6 wing)
• Sociability
• Time/Schedule flexibility

Universal Life Values

Which of the following universal life values are important to you?
• A loving, intimate partnership
• Aesthetics/beauty
• Career fulfillment/success
• Close family relationships
• Close friendships
• Faith/spiritual connection
• Financial security/comfort
• Good health/wellness
• Good physical fit

Some Life Values of Sevens

Some of the life values important to Sevens are (choose which ones apply to you):
• A great sense of humor
• A sharp wit
• A wide variety of experiences
• Accomplishment
• Anything new and exciting
• Being adventuresome
• Being amused
• Being energetic
• Being happy-go-lucky yet practical
• Being optimistic
• Camaraderie
• Cheerfulness
• Companionship
• Conviviality
• Creativity
• Ecstatic appreciation for life
• Egalitarianism
• Enjoyment
• Entertainment
• Enthusiasm
• Freedom
• Friendship
• Full engagement with life
• Gregariousness
• Happiness
• Having fun
• Having multiple options/choices
• Imagination
• Insatiable curiosity
• Lightening others up
• Lots of laughter
• Making others laugh
• New “toys” (material possessions)
• Pleasure
• Positive anticipation
• Positive possibility thinking
• Productivity
• Resourcefulness
• Sociability
• Spontaneity
• Unreservedness
• Versatility

As a Seven, career satisfaction means doing work that…..

  1. Allows me to work with a diverse group of people who are fun-loving, funny, interesting to
    talk to (perhaps even unusual, quirky or idiosyncratic in some way) and full of great stories to
  2. Allows me to work with a boss who is easy to get along with, completely open to new ideas
    (especially all of mine) and gives me plenty of freedom to manage my own time and work
    environment with a bare minimum of rules, regulations and limitations (preferably none!).
  3. Is adventurous, fun, challenging, exciting and always varied!
  4. Is done in a dynamic, engaging, entertaining, stimulating environment.
  5. Allows me to use my fertile imagination and ingenuity to experiment, explore and brainstorm.
  6. Allows me to work on a variety of interesting projects with other people, motivated by creative
  7. Allows me to meet new people, constantly be learning and continually satisfies my curiosity.
  8. Is consistent with my strong personal values, beliefs and ideals and has meaning and
    significance for me beyond a paycheck.
  9. Allows me to act enthusiastically, laugh spontaneously and often, and lighten the mood of
  10. Doesn’t require me to do tedious, boring, routine, detail work.