28 Natural Gifts and Talents of Sevens

As a Seven, I have some, or all, of these natural gifts and talents that I take for granted:

  1. The ability to “think outside the box” and envision exciting, creative and novel ideas
  2. The ability to see patterns and possibilities
  3. The ability to see the big picture and the implications of my actions and ideas
  4. The ability to learn quickly and do many different things well (can be a blessing or a curse)
  5. The ability to experiment, investigate, explore and discover (I’m insatiably curious!)
  6. The ability to accumulate enormous amounts of varied information (again, I’m so curious!)
  7. The ability to work in a fast-paced, unpredictable environment calling for quick thinking/action
  8. The ability to entertain others and make people laugh
  9. The ability to brainstorm and create multiple options to solve a problem
  10. The ability to courageously take risks, try new things and overcome or circumvent obstacles
  11. The ability to read people well; to understand their needs and motivations
  12. The ability to see the bright side of any problem or situation
  13. The ability to bring enthusiasm, optimism, passion and fun to whatever work I do
  14. The ability to arouse enthusiasm and excitement in others for my products, services or
    projects (great for winning supporters, investors or followers)
  15. The ability to synthesize other peoples’ ideas and present my own original ones
  16. The ability to network, communicate and interact well in interpersonal/social situations
  17. The ability to bring people together who I know could benefit one another
  18. The ability to see the best in anyone or anything

  19. The ability to cheer people up when they’re down or just lighten the mood of others
  20. The ability to see points of agreement between people’s different points of view
  21. The ability to act spontaneously and adapt quickly to changing situations
  22. The ability to multitask and juggle many roles and responsibilities in life
  23. The ability to go and go and go…. until I crash (like the Energizer bunny!)
  24. The ability to identify and make use of available resources in ingenious ways
  25. The ability to accept/appreciate differences and go with the flow
  26. The ability to work well with my hands, with tools and with machinery (some Sevens)
  27. The ability to plan (especially exciting things to do!)
  28. The ability to anticipate wonderful things happening for me