Best Career Talents, Values & Interests for Enneagram type SEVENS

Goldie Hawn and Jack Nicholson are two famous Enneagram Sevens but look how different
they are based on other systems (click on the links below to see what I mean):

Goldie Hawn Biography Jack Nicholson Biography
Temperament system True Blue Bold Orange
Myers-Briggs system ENFP ESTP
Dosha Type system Vata-Pitta type Pitta-Vata type
Aura Colors system Blue/Yellow Green/Yellow
Multiple Intelligences system
Numerology system born on the 2 1
of the month born on the 2 2
of the month
Numerology system 24/6 Life Path 28/10 Life Path
Astrology system Moon opposition Mercury Sun conjunct Uranus
Astrology system Venus square Pluto Sun square Pluto
Astrology system Goldie’s Astrology Report Jack’s Astrology Report
Michael system (Mature Soul) Sage (Mature Soul) Sage

So, what DO Goldie Hawn and Jack Nicholson have in common, both being Enneagram type
All Sevens are motivated by the need to live life to the fullest and have fun. They do their
best to keep life upbeat as much as possible and themselves happy! Sevens see life as a funfilled
adventure and they are constantly making plans for new, exciting experiences, even while
they are having them! For Sevens, work needs to be fun or they feel constricted and stifled.
They love to laugh and try to help more serious types lighten up and laugh more too. Sevens are
pretty independent (even when relationship-oriented) and somewhat anti-authoritarian. They
need freedom, variety and multiple options in their work, as in their personal life. They hate
being told what they can and can’t do at work. Sevens see boring, predictable, routine work as
akin to a slow, painful death – and would never stand for it! Doesn’t that sound like both
Goldie Hawn and Jack Nicholson?
Sevens can have either a Six wing or an Eight wing. Goldie Hawn is a Seven with a Six
wing and Jack Nicholson is a Seven with an Eight wing. If, after clicking on the previous
links, you feel that you are more of a Seven with a strong Six wing, look at what Enneagram type
Sixes need for career satisfaction as well. If you feel you are more of a Seven with a strong Eight
wing, look at what Enneagram type Eights need for career satisfaction as well.
The biggest problem for Sevens is that they pick up skills with such relative ease and have
so many varied experiences in life that they soon become multi-talented. It becomes difficult for
average Sevens to know what they want to do when they grow up! Many Sevens have such a
wide-ranging curiosity that sticking with one career for long feels boring. A work-related problem
that average to unhealthy Sevens can have is being too self-centered, undisciplined and
hyperactive. They can have problems with completing tasks on time, especially ones that need to be done but aren’t fun. Craving ever more stimulation, some unhealthy Sevens can have
addiction problems that get in the way of their ability to work productively.
Healthy Sevens are enthusiastic, ecstatic appreciators of life. They are accomplished
achievers due to their ability to assimilate experiences in-depth rather than just skimming the
surface. They are practical and productive, able to cross-fertilize their varied areas of interest.
Examples of healthy Sevens are Bob Hope, Carol Burnett, Jim Carey, John F. Kennedy,
Robin Williams, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Benjamin Franklin and Eddy Murphy.