Heart and Defensive Points/Arrows for Enneagram Type Six

Type Six with a Healthy Connection to Type Nine: When Sixes integrate the positive aspects
of type Nine they open up more to people and their environment. They sense life’s benevolence
and see the good in people. They have more faith in themselves and trust life more. They
become more grounded in their bodies and peaceful and calm in their minds, like healthy Nines.
They empathize more with others and are able to see things from a broader perspective. Rather
than feeling anxious most of the time, they feel more supported by life and safer in the world.
They become more inclusive and accepting of others. They are more able to trust their own
thoughts and feelings instead of relying on others. Because of their centeredness and inner sense
of balance, Sixes with a healthy connection to type Nine feel less insecure and easily
overwhelmed by life. They can see through their unhealthy, fearful projections.
Type Six with a Healthy Connection to Type Three: When Sixes integrate the positive
aspects of type Three they become more self-confident and self-assured. They feel more
energized and become more effective and productive. They believe in themselves more rather
than doubting themselves. They become more inner-directed and self-reliant rather than looking
to outer authorities and trusted allies to give them guidance and support. While retaining their
engaging, courteous, personable nature they also set ambitious goals for themselves, manage
their time efficiently, and strive for constant self-improvement. They are able to focus better and
take decisive action rather than fretting and worrying about what might go wrong. They are
more courageous, willing and able to assume positions of authority and leadership rather than
reluctantly cowering from such positions out of fear of attack or lack of self-confidence. They can
become inspiring role models for others because they had the courage to develop their potential,
overcome self-doubt and put themselves out in the world.
Type Six with an Unhealthy Connection to Type Nine: When Sixes deteriorate to the
negative aspects of type Nine they can become complacent, lazy, spaced-out and apathetic, like
unhealthy Nines. They can get caught up in habitual, comforting routines in an effort to keep
anxiety to a minimum. They can procrastinate and be extremely indecisive. They can either be
noncommittal and ambivalent about their relationships or dependent and fearfully cling to people
for security. If they feel overwhelmed by life they may try to stop their mental obsessing by
numbing themselves with activities such as: watching TV, daydreaming, playing video games,
escape reading, eating, sleeping or even doing drugs.

Type Six with an Unhealthy Connection to Type Three: When Sixes deteriorate to the
negative aspects of type Three their minds are so worked up that they keep themselves
constantly busy to avoid feeling anxious. They have lots of nervous energy and stay in doing
mode as long as possible. They may become workaholics. They can be fearful of trying anything
new where they might fail. They can also become more image-conscious and alter their behavior
to fit in and be accepted by others. Due to feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem, Sixes with
an unhealthy connection to type Three can be boastful, pretentious and self-promoting in order to
get others to like them. They can identify strongly with the groups to which they belong and may
be overly competitive with or condescending of rival groups (e.g., another school, religion,
athletic team, business, etc.) At worst, they can exploit others or lie about certain aspects of
their life to get ahead or cover up a shady past.