9 Things Sixes Can Do to Help Themselves Grow

  1. Accept that some uncertainty and insecurity are a natural part of life. Notice how your doubts
    and mistrust can stress you and ruin relationships. Practice trusting and having faith in
    yourself, others and the universe.
  2. Learn to be and act as your own authority rather than looking to others.
  3. Take up exercise (if you are not already doing it regularly) to help bring your awareness into
    your body and out of your head.
  4. Ask yourself, “Am I imagining this? Is it a genuine intuition or a projection?” Check out your
    fears and concerns with trusted friends to get a reality check.
  5. Notice how often you stay busy as a way to reduce awareness of anxiety.
  6. When you feel apprehensive, anxious, or fearful (phobic) – or tense, hyper, or challenging
    (counterphobic) – center and ground yourself by breathing deeply. Then, move ahead with
    positive action in spite of the presence of fear.
  7. Use your imagination to create pleasant options rather than letting worst case scenarios
    dominate your thinking.
  8. Project threatening scenarios to the ludicrous limit so you can defuse your anxiety and laugh
    at them.
  9. Notice how you tend to doubt your own capacities and decisions. Take time to remember past
    successes and accomplishments and develop more belief in yourself.