Careers That Especially Interest Enneagram Type Sixes

Enneagram Sixes, like Nines, probably have the greatest diversity of careers of any type. Even
though they can be found in many different occupations there are certain occupations that they
are drawn to because of their natural gifts, talents and values. Here is a list of some of them.
Sixes are natural troubleshooters, investigators and detectives. They have a natural
alertness to hazards and danger. They are concerned about security, safety and justice
so it will come as no surprise that many of them go into careers related to law, law
enforcement, public safety, protective service, corrections and the military. Some Sixes
(phobic) do not like risky jobs and will stick with the safer of these jobs. Other Sixes
(counterphobic) like to confront their fears and can feed off of the adrenaline and
excitement it arouses, as if they apparently have no fear.

• Animal control officer
• Armored truck guard
• Bailiff
• Certified security officer (SPO, POST,
Arrest authority)
• Child support abuse investigator
• Computer security specialist
• Control monitoring center operator
(e.g. ADT)
• Corrections officer
• Court reporter
• Criminal investigator
• Crossing guard
• Dispatcher (police, fire, ambulance, etc.)
• Emergency medical technician (EMT)
• Emergency planning manager
• Emergency response coordinator
• Evidence technician
• Federal marshal
• Fire investigator
• Firefighter
• Forensic science technician/specialist
• Game enforcement officer
• Gaming investigator
• Hazardous materials responder
• Highway patrol pilot
• Immigration and customs inspector
• Industrial espionage security officer
• Information systems security specialist
• Judge
• Law clerk
• Law enforcement officer (other)
• Lawyer/attorney
• Legal assistant
• Lifeguard
• Loss prevention/security specialist
• Magistrate
• Mediator/arbitrator
• Military personnel
• Missing persons investigator
• Paralegal
• Paramedic
• Park ranger
• Parking enforcement worker
• Police detective
• Police identification and records officer
• Police patrol officer
• Private detective/investigator
• Probation/Parole officer
• Rescue worker
• Security guard/officer
• Security systems salesperson
• Security systems technician/installer
• Sheriff or deputy sheriff
• Ski patroller
• Special agent (e.g., CIA, FBI)
• Transit and railroad police
• Transportation security screener
• Unemployment fraud investigator
• Warden

Most Sixes like to learn and think about things (they are in the Thinking Center after
all). They are often attracted to systems of knowledge that are well-established and
have a hierarchical structure with clearly defined rules, parameters and lines of
authority. They are especially attracted to intellectually stimulating fields of work that
involve careful analysis such as science, information technology, engineering, computer
science, mathematics and research and development.
• Chemist
• Computer analyst
• Computer engineer
• Computer programmer
• Computer security specialist
• Database administrator
• Engineer
• Hardware/software engineer
• Information systems manager
• Internet marketer
• Mathematician
• Meteorologist

• Network architect
• Network integration specialist
• Network systems administrator
• Network systems and data
communication analyst
• Physicist
• Research and development specialist
• Scientist
• Security specialist
• Software designer
• Software/hardware engineer
• Support specialist
• Systems analyst
• Web developer/webmaster

Many Sixes are drawn to education because school systems are usually well-established
and offer relatively good job stability and security. They also allow Sixes to work in
collaboration with others and to feel good about themselves because they are
contributing to the growth and development of young, impressionable minds.
• College president/dean
• Curriculum developer
• Early childhood teacher/assistant
• Education researcher
• Elementary teacher/aide
• Instructional coordinator
• Instructional media designer
• Kindergarten teacher/aide
• Middle school teacher/aide
• Preschool teacher/aide
• School administrator
• School guidance counselor
• School librarian
• School principal
• Secondary (high school) teacher/aide
• Special education teacher/aide
• Superintendent
• University/college professor

Sixes are often found in the healthcare industry (an industry that is well-established)
where they can work as part of a team and do one of the things they do best – support
and care for other people’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.
• Anesthesiologist
• Certified nursing assistant
• Counselor
• Dental assistant
• Dental hygienist
• Dental lab technician
• Dentist
• Dietician
• Home health aide
• Licensed practical nurse
• Medical assistant
• Occupational therapist
• Optometrist
• Orthotist
• Pharmacist
• Pharmacy technician
• Physical therapist
• Physical therapist assistant
• Physician
• Physician’s assistant
• Psychologist/therapist
• Recreation therapist
• Registered nurse
• Respiratory therapist
• Social worker
• Speech language pathologist
• Speech-language audiologist
• Surgical technician
• Veterinarian
• Veterinary technician

Sixes are often found in government jobs which give them a stable income, decent job
security, few overtime hours, and plenty of paid holidays. Government jobs are too
numerous to list but here are some of the areas.
• Revenue and taxation jobs
• Regulation jobs
• Public management and
administration jobs
Most Sixes (especially phobic Sixes) are cautious and careful by nature. They are
concerned about the economy, paying their bills on time, having sound investments and
making sure they have more than enough insurance to cover any unforeseen worst
case scenario. For this reason they often choose jobs involving accounting, banking,
financial management, investments or insurance.
• Abstractor
• Accountant
• Actuary
• Adjuster
• Auditor
• Bank teller

• Banker
• Bill and account collector
• Bookkeeper
• Budget analyst
• Chief financial officer (CFO)
• Collector
• Compliance officer
• Controller
• Cost estimator
• Credit analyst
• Debt counselor
• Economist
• Finance director
• Financial analyst
• Financial planner/advisor
• Insurance appraiser
• Insurance examiner/investigator
• Insurance sales or claims agent
• Insurance underwriter
• Investment advisor
• Investment banker
• Investment/securities broker
• Loan processor
• Mortgage broker/loan officer
• Real estate appraiser/assessor
• Revenue agent
• Tax examiner
• Tax preparer
• Title researcher/examiner
• Treasurer

Some Sixes (often counterphobic) like to be self-employed so that they don’t have to
answer to any authority but their own. Below is just a sample listing of self-employed
work that is attractive to these Sixes.
• Acupuncturist
• Animal caretaker
• Architect
• Artist
• Business consultant
• Carpenter
• Child care owner
• Chiropractor
• Construction contractor
• Dancer
• Dentist
• Editor
• Entrepreneur
• Hairstylist
• Interior designer
• Landscaping service owner
• Lawyer
• Massage therapist
• Musician
• Nursery/greenhouse owner
• Physician
• Private detective/investigator
• Psychologist
• Real estate appraiser
• Real estate sales agent/broker
• Self-employed retail business owner
• Website designer
• Writer
Some Sixes like to be spokespeople and champions for underdogs and disadvantaged
groups of people. They are willing to go against the odds and the status quo for a
cause they believe in, especially when they have the support of trusted allies.
• Attorney general
• Environmentalist
• Evangelist
• Lobbyist
• Minister
• Political commentator
• Politician
• Social advocate/activist

Sixes (especially Sixes with a Five wing) make some of the best researchers and
analysts because of their sharp intellect, and incredibly detailed, methodical and
systematic way of thinking.
• Applications analyst
• Budget analyst
• Business analyst
• Business continuity analyst
• Compensation, benefits & job analyst
• Computer network analyst
• Credit analyst
• Data analyst
• Data communications analyst
• Database analyst
• E-commerce analyst
• Financial analyst
• Intelligence analyst
• Inventory analyst
• Logistics analyst
• Management analyst
• Marketing analyst
• Materials analyst
• Network communications analyst
• Network operations analyst

• Network security analyst
• Numerical analyst
• Occupational analyst
• Operating system programmer analyst
• Operations research analyst
• Planning analyst
• Price analyst
• Safety analyst
• Systems analyst
• Tax policy analyst
• Technical support analyst
• Telecommunication systems analyst

Many Sixes, especially with a Seven wing, are sharp-witted, perceptive and have a
great sense of humor. They make excellent entertainers, comedians and media people.
• Actor/actress
• Author
• Columnist
• Comedian/Comedienne
• Critic
• Entertainer/performer
• Journalist
• News anchor
• Radio announcer
• Reporter
• Salesperson
• Social commentator
• Sports commentator
• TV/radio announcer
• TV game show host
• TV talk show host
Many Sixes are attracted to the corporate world both as leaders and as followers since
they like working as part of a team in a stable environment. Because Sixes are
trustworthy, industrious and get along well with most other people they are often
promoted to managers, sometimes to their surprise.
• Accounting manager
• Accounts payable manager
• Administrative services manager
• Billing manager
• Business and development manager
• Compensation and benefits manager
• Credit and collections manager
• Department manager
• Facilities manager
• General manager
• Human resource manager
• Logistics manager
• Manufacturing manager
• Marketing information manager
• Marketing manager
• Office manager
• Operations manager
• Payroll manager
• Product manager
• Project manager
• Property/real estate manager
• Public relations manager
• Purchasing manager
• Research and development manager
• Sales manager
• Store manager

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