Some Work and Life Values of Enneagram Type Sixes

Work Values

Some of the work values important to Sixes are (choose which ones apply to you):
• Clear directions
• Close friendships with coworkers
• Close group/team work
• Community involvement opportunities
• Contribution (to betterment of world)
• Hard-work ethic
• Meaningful work
• Ongoing learning potential
• Open, honest communication
• Positively influencing people’s lives
• Precision work
• Predictability
• Security
• Seek knowledge and understanding
• Sense of mission
• Stability
• Strategic problem solving
• Trust

Universal Life Values

Which of the following universal life values are important to you?

• A loving, intimate partnership
• Aesthetics/beauty
• Career fulfillment/success
• Close family relationships
• Close friendships
• Faith/spiritual connection
• Financial security/comfort
• Good health/wellness
• Good physical fitness
• Inner peace
• Integrity/honesty
• Joy/happiness
• Ongoing learning potential
• Service/contribution
• Creativity/originality
• Time freedom/independence

Some Life Values of Sixes

Some of the life values important to Sixes are (choose which ones apply to you):
• Affiliation
• Being helpful
• Belonging
• Bonding with others
• Cautiousness
• Collaboration
• Commitment
• Community
• Compassion for others
• Concern for loved ones
• Conscientiousness
• Cooperation
• Dependability
• Dutifulness
• Egalitarianism
• Empathy for others
• Faithfulness
• Fidelity
• Hard-work ethic
• Healthy questioning/skepticism
• Intelligence
• Loyalty
• Perseverance
• Persistence
• Practicality
• Predictability
• Protectiveness
• Prudence
• Reliability
• Responsibility
• Saving money
• Security
• Self-sacrifice
• Sense of humor
• Sensibleness
• Supportiveness
• Teamwork
• Thoroughness
• Trustworthiness
• Wittiness

As a Six, career satisfaction means doing work that…..

  1. Allows me to work with other conscientious, reliable, trustworthy, hardworking people as part
    of a collaborative team or on my own with a minimum of stress and competition.
  2. Allows me to work with a boss who is patient, supportive, dependable, predictable and doesn’t
    take advantage of my loyalty, dedication and hard-work ethic by asking me to work overtime
    too much (so that I can have a personal life). Or, allows me to work for myself with no
    authority to worry about.
  3. Offers clearly defined structure and guidelines to follow as well as a clear hierarchy of
    authority (if not self-employed).
  4. Allows me time to do good, detail-oriented work at my own pace without pressuring me to
    make instantaneous decisions or work under pressure to tight deadlines.
  5. Makes use of my innate ability to foresee potential problems before they arise. I am a natural
  6. Offers job security and stability.
  7. Allows me to protect, serve, support or ensure the safety of others in some capacity.
  8. Makes use of my aptitude for research, investigation and detailed analysis. In short, any field
    that involves digging beneath the surface to uncover the hidden elements I’m good at.
  9. Allows me to work carefully and methodically. I like to plan, organize and stay on top of
  10. Rewards healthy questioning and skepticism as well as an inquiring mind