Career Talents, Values & Interests for Enneagram type SIXES

Richard Nixon and Marilyn Monroe are two famous Enneagram Sixes but look how different
they are based on other systems (click on the links below to see what I mean):

Richard Nixon Biography Marilyn Monroe Biography
Temperament system Solid Gold Bold Orange
Myers-Briggs system ESTJ ESFP
Dosha Type system Pitta-Vata type Vata-Kapha type
Aura Colors system Green Yellow/Red
Multiple Intelligences system
Numerology system born on the 9
of the month born on the 1
of the month
Numerology system 24/6 Life Path 25/7 Life Path
Astrology system Mercury conjunct Mars Venus sextile Jupiter
Astrology system Mercury quincunx Saturn Mars conjunct Uranus
Astrology system Nixon’s Astrology Report Monroe’s Astrology Report
Michael system (Young Soul) Scholar (Mature Soul) Artisan

So, what DO Richard Nixon and Marilyn Monroe have in common, both
being Enneagram type Sixes?

All Sixes are motivated by the need to feel safe and secure in their life. They
subconsciously scan for danger and any potential threat to their safety and well-being. They tend
to be fearful and like to anticipate where trouble or danger might arise. Some Sixes are “phobic”
and seem overtly nervous and restless. They use charm and friendliness (and sometimes
seductiveness) as a way to win people to their side so that they won’t be a threat. Other Sixes
are “counterphobic” and hide their inner anxiety and intense emotions from others. When fear
arises in them they confront the fearful situation head-on rather than trying to charm someone
into liking them. Counterphobic Sixes can be touchy, defensive and even explosively reactive
when stressed and provoked. Both phobic and counterphobic Sixes are preoccupied with their
need for safety and security. They tend to imagine worst-case scenarios. Some can even be a
little paranoid. Sixes can exhibit a phobic or counterphobic response to danger (being nice or
confronting) at different times but usually have a predominant mode. Doesn’t that sound like
both Richard Nixon and Marilyn Monroe?
Sixes can have either a Five wing or a Seven wing. Richard Nixon is a Six with a Five
wing and Marilyn Monroe is a Six with a Seven wing. If, after clicking on the previous links,
you feel that you are more of a Six with a strong Five wing, look at what Enneagram type Fives
need for career satisfaction as well. If you feel you are more of a Six with a strong Seven wing,
look at what Enneagram type Sevens need for career satisfaction as well.
Average to unhealthy Sixes tend to doubt their own thinking and inner guidance.
Lacking confidence in themselves, average to unhealthy Sixes tend to choose safe jobs that don’t
necessarily fulfill their heart’s desire but do offer them stability, security and predictability in their life (they hope). Wanting to be reliable, dependable and trustworthy, average to unhealthy Sixes
can easily take on too many commitments and then feel overwhelmed and pressured to follow
through with all of them. Unhealthy Sixes can sometimes have problems keeping a job if they
are too testy, defensive, suspicious of others’ motives and reactionary. If you are or know
someone who is an average to unhealthy Six that would like to change careers but is
overwhelmed at the thought of making a change then I highly recommend the book, “The
Career Coward’s Guide to Changing Careers” by Katy Piotrowski, M.Ed.
Healthy Sixes are engaging, friendly, hard-working and trust their own inner guidance.
They are self-reliant yet interdependent, cooperative and supportive. They have faith in
themselves, people and life. Some are courageous, inspiring leaders. Examples of healthy Sixes
are J. Krishnamurti, Byron Katie, Robert F. Kennedy, Robert Redford, Woody Allen,
Sherlock Holmes, Groucho Marx, Jay Leno, Johnny Carson and Billy Graham.