Heart and Defensive Points/Arrows for Enneagram Type Fives

Type Five with a Healthy Connection to Type Eight: When Fives integrate the positive
aspects of type Eight they get in touch with their instinctual energy and their body’s vitality and
physicality. Rather than feeling like an isolated observer of life they feel stronger, more grounded
and more capable of participating in the outer world. They trust their instincts and become more
energized. They get in touch with their own power and self-assertiveness and become more fully
alive, more empowered. They become more outspoken and better able to stand up for
themselves. They are more outgoing and willing to take charge, sometimes taking on major
responsibilities and challenges. Rather than retreating from social contact and hiding out in their
head all the time they are able to take action and get things done. As their willpower and selfconfidence
increases, Fives with a healthy connection to type Eight often take on leadership roles
and put their considerable energy into causes they believe in.
Type Five with a Healthy Connection to Type Seven: When Fives integrate the positive
aspects of type Seven they become more spontaneous and able to go with the flow without
having to know or be completely prepared in order to act. They become more sociable and enjoy
making new friends rather than letting social anxiety or self-consciousness govern their behavior.
They allow their genuine curiosity about people to connect them with others, like healthy Sevens.
They become more fun-loving, uninhibited, positive and adventurous. They feel a greater desire
to explore the world and experience all of life more fully, not just life in their mind. They become
more imaginative which only serves to enhance their mental creativity and originality. They can
be highly productive and accomplished; possibly a renaissance person. They can be quite
humorous and even playfully witty. They enjoy telling stories and jokes.
Type Five with an Unhealthy Connection to Type Eight: When Fives deteriorate to the
negative aspects of type Eight they can become more antisocial, punitive, controlling and
tyrannical. They can use their piercing intellect and sharp tongue to cut others to pieces. They
can become more aggressive, insensitive and hostile to maintain their privacy. They can be
extremely standoffish and self-protective. They can also be overly self-conscious. They can act
unreasonably if anyone tries to intrude on their space. They can ride roughshod over people’s
feelings and ridicule them for their stupidity or incompetence. They can become ice cold, caustic,
severe and nasty. At worst they can become paranoid and dissociated from life. They may even
punish and persecute themselves, possibly through substance abuse.

Type Five with an Unhealthy Connection to Type Seven: When Fives deteriorate to the
negative aspects of type Seven they become more scattered, distracted and unable to think
clearly. They become more restless, looking for something that will interest them enough to
delve into it. They can’t focus or relax. Their thinking is hyperactive and agitated. They may be
undependable. They can have issues with commitment because they love their freedom too
much. They want to find their niche but become more anxious and nervous as they frantically
bounce from one idea to another without being able to connect with anything that truly satisfies
or fulfills them. If Fives are unable to find a niche for themselves they may distract themselves
from their growing anxiety by searching indiscriminately for any kind of stimulation and
excitement, like unhealthy Sevens. They may numb themselves by watching movies, drinking or
going to bars and clubs. Because of Five’s connection to type Eight, many Fives are surprisingly
lusty and sexual. Their deep, penetrating mind can also have a dark side. When Fives have an
unhealthy connection to type Seven their lustful nature and impulsivity can get acted out as
sexual promiscuity, seedy behavior or even sexual perversion. They can feel that “the grass is
greener on the other side” and be chronically discontent. At worst, they may try to find relief in
substance abuse or excessive living and just become more self-destructive.