Careers That Especially Interest Enneagram Type Fives

Enneagram Fives can be found in many different occupations but there are certain occupations
that they are drawn to because of their natural gifts, talents and values. Here is a list of some of
All Fives love knowledge so it is not surprising that many of them choose work in
education and academia. Many of them love sharing their knowledge as academic
teachers/professors, especially in higher learning institutions where students are
motivated to learn and, hopefully, are as passionate about the subject area as the Five!
• Adult literary specialist
• Educational consultant
• Guidance counselor
• Instructional coordinator
• Philosopher
• Researcher
• School administrator
• School principal
• School psychologist
• Teachers of all kinds but especially in the following subject areas:

Biological Sciences
Computer Science
Earth Sciences
Film making
Health Sciences
Physical Sciences
Political Science
Research & Development
Science Education
Social Sciences
• University president
• Vocational teacher

Most Fives love computers and information technology because they focus on objective,
logical principles. In these jobs Fives can work independently solving impersonal and
often complex problems, use rational analysis, and master new technologies.
• Computer analyst
• Computer and information scientist
• Computer animator
• Computer programmer
• Computer security specialist
• Computer software engineer/designer
• Database administrator
• Desktop publishing specialist
• Hardware/software engineer
• Information services developer
• Information systems manager
• Internet architect
• Internet marketer
• Java programmer/analyst
• Network integration specialist
• Network systems administrator
• Network systems and data
communications analyst
• Research and development specialist
• Software designer/developer
• Strategic planner
• Systems analyst
• Web developer
• Web editor
• Webmaster

Many Fives are drawn to science, scientific research, engineering or mathematics for
many reasons. They enjoy tackling complex problems. They thrive on intellectual
challenges and strategic thinking. They enjoy theorizing and inventing. They are
insatiably curious to understand how things work and also enjoy testing, experimenting
and discovering new methods to solve existing or new problems.

• Aeronautical engineer
• Aerospace engineer
• Aircraft engineer
• Astronomer
• Biochemist
• Biologist
• Biomedical engineer
• Biophysicist
• Chemical engineer
• Chemist
• Civil engineer
• Criminalist (forensic science chemist)
• Economist
• Engineer
• Engineering technician
• Environmental engineer
• Environmental scientist
• Forensic ballistics (firearms) expert
• Geneticist
• Geologist
• Health & safety engineer
• Industrial engineer
• Inventor
• Lab technician
• Mathematician
• Mechanical engineer
• Medical scientist
• Metallurgical engineer
• Meteorologist
• Microbiologist
• Natural science manager
• Nuclear engineer
• Pharmacologist
• Physicist
• Political scientist
• Research and development specialist
• Researcher
• Science technician
• Scientist
• Space scientist

Many Fives (especially Fives with a Four wing) are imaginative, creative, inventive,
original, unconventional, independent and free-spirited. Some of them like expressing
their individuality and creativity through architecture, art, communication, media,
music, writing, design, etc.
• Actor
• Advertising creative director
• Architect
• Art agent
• Art director
• Art/movie/theatre critic
• Artist
• Biographer
• Book publishing professional
• Columnist
• Composer
• Creative director, multimedia team
• Creative writer
• Critic
• Designers of all kinds
• Desktop publisher
• Editor
• Entertainer
• Exhibit designer/builder
• Film editor
• Film/stage/motion picture director
• Film/stage/motion picture producer
• Fine artist
• Freelance media planner
• Graphic artist/designer
• Informational-graphics designer
• Interior decorator
• Inventor
• Journalist
• Landscape designer
• Literary agent
• Multimedia specialist
• Multimedia training specialist
• Musician
• Novelist
• Photographer
• Playwright
• Poet
• Screenwriter
• Translator
• Web site designer
• Writer

Some Fives like working in medical and health care fields because they enjoy analyzing,
diagnosing, exploring problems and ultimate helping people find solutions to those
problems by applying their ingenuity and innate problem solving abilities.
• Alternative healthcare specialist
• Anesthesiologist
• Biology specimen technician
• Biomedical engineer/researcher
• Biomedical technologist
• Cardiologist
• Cardiovascular technician
• Chiropractor
• Clinical technician
• Coroner
• Dentist
• Dietitian/nutritionist
• EEG technologist
• Environmental science technician

• Ethicist
• Exercise physiologist
• Family practitioner
• Geneticist
• Holistic health practitioner
• Industrial psychologist
• Internist
• Jungian analyst
• Lab technologist
• Massage therapist
• Medical and health service manager
• Medical and health service technician
• Medical records technician
• Medical researcher
• Medical scientist/researcher
• Microbiologist
• Neurologist
• Nuclear medicine technologist
• Nursing administrator
• Occupational therapist
• Optometrist
• Orthodontist
• Pathologist
• Pharmaceutical researcher
• Pharmacist
• Pharmacy technician
• Physical therapist
• Physicist
• Plastic surgeon
• Primary care physician
• Psychiatrist
• Psychologist
• Public health officer
• Radiologic technician
• Speech-language pathologist/audiologist
• Surgeon
• Surgical technologist
• Therapists of all kinds (especially
marriage & family or substance abuse)
• Veterinarian

Many Fives are drawn to the world of business, management, finance or insurance.
They often have a strong connection to their type Eight arrow so can have natural
leadership skills. They are often good at long-range planning and strategic thinking.
They can be decisive, focused, take-charge people with high standards and a need to be
in control.
• Accountant
• Actuary
• Administrative services manager
• Auditor
• Bankers of all kinds
• Budget/financial analyst
• Business analyst
• Chief financial officer (CFO)
• Chief information officer (CIO)
• Compensation and benefits manager
• Credit analyst
• Economist
• Efficiency expert
• Executive coach
• Executives of all kinds (especially in
the private sector and government)
• Financial advisor
• Financial analyst
• Financial examiner
• Financial planner
• Franchise/small business owner
• Hedge fund manager
• Human resources specialist
• Insurance agent/broker
• Insurance claim examiner/underwriter
• Investment banker
• Investment/business analyst
• Investment/securities broker
• Management consultant
• Manager
• Manager in the financial branch/dept.
• Market research analyst
• Marketing manager
• New market/product designer
• Operation research analyst
• Project manager
• Purchasing manager/agent
• Real estate appraiser
• Salesperson
• Security analyst
• Small business owner
• Statistician
• Stockbroker
• Strategic planner
• Treasurer
• Venture capitalist

Fives make great lawyers. Many are very intelligent, strategic thinkers. They can see
the big picture and understand what’s going on. They are often voracious readers, a
requirement for being a great lawyer. They love to debate opinions. They love to
critique and point out errors of logic in other people’s conversations or arguments.
They love to compete intellectually (and win!). And they love using reasoning to draw
a particular conclusion from a general rule or principle.
• Judge • Lawyers of all kinds but especially in the following specialty areas:
Corporate finance
Intellectual property
Product liability
Project finance
Real estate
• Legal mediator
• Paralegal
A few Fives who are lawyers are idealists and humanitarians. They want to use the law
to defend the rights of good people, the defenseless, and the environment. These
lawyers like to work in the following specialty areas especially.
Child abuse
Trust & estate planning
Communication & media
Domestic relations
Poverty law
Fives love learning but also sharing their expertise. One of the ways that they share
their expertise is by consulting with companies as independent contractors. They
usually make great consultants because they can see the big picture between
seemingly unrelated facts and concepts. They love designing theories and models to
solve complex problems. They love having the autonomy and freedom that comes with
consulting work.

• Intelligence specialist
• Management consultant
• Organizational development specialist
• Political consultant
• Telecommunications security
A few Fives (especially those with a strong Four wing) are drawn to human/social
services. They often have deeply held values, excellent listening skills and are keen
observers of human nature.
• Coach (life or business)
• Counselors of all kinds
• Diversity manager
• Employment interviewer
• Human resources generalist/specialist
• Industrial psychologist
• Philanthropic consultant/director
• Public relations specialist
• Religious educator
• Religious leader
• Social scientist
• Social worker
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