23 Natural Gifts and Talents of Enneagram Type Fives

A quick look at the famous Fives listed should clue you in to some of their innate gifts and talents.
Fives are the most mentally astute and observant of all the types. They delight in using their
keen mind in any work that they do and are most often drawn to scientific, technical and other
intellectually demanding fields.
As a Five, I have some, or all, of these natural gifts and talents that I take for granted:

  1. The ability to learn quickly
  2. The ability to conceptually understand the fundamental principles of how anything works
  3. The ability to broadly comprehend a subject while penetrating it deeply (and in great detail!)
  4. The ability to creatively solve highly complex and mentally challenging problems
  5. The ability to work long and hard on anything that captures my interest/imagination
  6. The ability to invent new theories, models or systems to solve problems
  7. The ability to think logically and analytically (and make decisions that way)
  8. The ability to investigate, inquire and research
  9. The ability to experiment, explore, question and make discoveries
  10. The ability to contemplate deeply, philosophize and understand abstract ideas and concepts
  11. The ability to quickly understand computers and technology
  12. The ability to debate and critique
  13. The ability to use Socratic questioning and scientific methodology
  14. The ability to perceive, discern and mentally interpret information that escapes most people
  15. The ability to synthesize others’ ideas and form my own
  16. The ability to stay open-minded, inquisitive and intellectually curious
  17. The ability to see the big picture and develop long-range strategic goals
  18. The ability to synthesize vast amounts of information
  19. The ability to focus and concentrate deeply on projects that interest me
  20. The ability to listen objectively and non-judgmentally and give unbiased advise
  21. The ability to observe life impartially and see it from multiple, abstract perspectives

  22. The ability to keep personal information confidential (important for most occupations)
  23. The ability to share my findings with others (for my joy and their knowledge)