Enneagram Type Four’s Wing Descriptions

Type Four with a Three Wing (4w3)

• Goal-oriented, Ambitious
• More sociable than 4w5s
• Desire to communicate themselves and their creativity to others
• Energetic, Active, Outgoing
• Productive, Distinctive, Stylish
• Create w/ an audience in mind
• Image-conscious, Self-conscious, Dramatic
• Elitist, Want social acceptance
• Can seem outwardly confident but feel inwardly inadequate

Type Four with a Three Wing: Fours with a Three wing (4w3s) tend to take on more of the
attributes of Threes than of Fives (the other wing), although both wings (3 and 5) can influence
their personality. 4w3s tend to be more sociable and aware of interpersonal politics than 4w5s,
who tend toward being loners. Because of the 3 wing, 4w3s are hard-working, goal-oriented,
ambitious and drive themselves hard to achieve their goals, like 3s. In fact, many healthy 4w3s
are just as hard-working as 3s and quite successful. Consider Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond,
Judy Garland, Jeremy Irons and Jackie Onassis, for example. However, 4w3s are still 4s so they
have deep, intense feelings and are quite romantic and passionate. When healthy, 4w3s are
introspective, self-aware, and interested in self-development and spiritual growth. They are able
to take constructive action on their lofty ideals and do the necessary work to bring their dreams
into reality. Healthy 4w3s possess creativity and the drive to make their distinctive mark on the
world. They want to express the depths of their souls to others and be recognized for their
unique contributions.
Negatively, 4w3s can be painfully self-conscious and insecure. Feeling defective and
flawed inside, they work hard to prove their self-worth. They want recognition for their unique
work but they can also struggle with issues of low self-esteem and inferiority. No matter their
success, they always feel their work could have been done better. They can have a dual
personality. They crave social acceptance so they can be funny, sociable and bubbly out in public
– almost seeming like Sevens – but then go home to loneliness or a dissatisfying love
relationship. They put a lot of effort into their personal appearance and self-presentation,
wanting to be noticed. They can still be hard-working and more practical than 4w5s but they can
also be extravagant with money (especially if they are a Vata dosha type) to compensate for
subconscious feelings of low self-worth. They often want to be seen as cultured, sophisticated,
high class, elegant, refined or elite. They can be melodramatic, grandiose, narcissistic, disdainful
and/or competitive. Craving love and romance and being highly sensual, they can sometimes
find themselves involved in messy love triangles. Negative 4w3s can sometimes experience
strong feelings of jealously, envy, unrequited love, vengefulness, and/or hatred.

You may find that you can relate to the description of Type Four with a Five wing also (see
below). However, there is a fundamental energetic difference between these two descriptions.
See if you can discern which description sounds more like you, however slight that difference
might be.

Type Four with a Five Wing (4w5)

• Enigmatic, Idiosyncratic, Quiet
• Perceptive, Unconventional
• Intellectual and Emotional
• Deep Feelings, Complex creativity
• Very exploratory, Introspective
• Analytical, Objective, Reserved
• Defiant of Convention, Original
• Feel Alienated, Depressed, Unusual
• Can be eccentric, rebellious outsiders

Type Four with a Five Wing: Fours with a Five wing (4w5s) tend to take on more of the
attributes of Fives than of Threes (the other wing), although both wings (5 and 3) can influence
their personality. 4w5s tend to be much less concerned with acceptance, personal appearance
and status than 4w3s. Whereas 4w3s create with an audience in mind, 4w5s usually don’t. 4w5s
just thoroughly enjoy the process of creativity, exploration and discovery. 4w5s tend to be
enigmatic, idiosyncratic lone wolfs or at the very least need plenty of alone time to explore their
personal interests, even if in a relationship. They can have a penetrating intellect because of the
5 wing but are fundamentally an emotional type with deep feelings because of being 4s. They are
usually well-read owing to their love of books and knowledge. Healthy 4w5s are some of the
most creative, original and spiritually aware people in the Enneagram because they are gifted
with a penchant for introspection and profound insight into human nature by being 4s but also
perceptiveness, objectivity and inquisitiveness by having the 5 wing. 4w5s are attracted to
symbolism and the mysteries of life. When healthy, they are able to perceive subtleties and
understand multiple levels of meaning in life that are missed by most other types. Many great
writers from the past have been 4w5s. They are unconventional and can be rather defiant if
someone tries to tell them to fit in more (to society) or be more practical, realistic or reasonable.
Some 4w5s can seem outwardly reserved, cool and standoffish yet inwardly they are romantic,
passionate and ardent. 4w5s are hard to read but once you get to know them they are usually
quite personable, warm and caring, contrary to appearances. Healthy 4w5s enjoy communicating
their inner awarenesses to give humanity a different, often more spiritual, perspective on life.

Negatively, 4w5s can be the most alienated, depressed, lonely, shy, insecure, and/or
emotionally tormented of all the Enneagram types. They can feel like isolated outsiders; in, but
not of, this world. 4w5s can have brilliant flashes of intuitive insight but don’t tend to take action
as easily as 4w3s so these insights are often lost to the ethers. They prefer to just fantasize and
dwell in their imagination. They can be highly impractical since they don’t really care to focus on
real world issues. This can cause them a whole host of real world problems though! Being
introverted, socially withdrawn, and heavily involved in their own pet projects, they can be
oblivious to what is going on in the rest of the world. They can get themselves badly in debt by
impulsively spending money on a wild idea/dream they have. Since they tend to have few friends
they have more time on their hands to do what most unhealthy 4s do, think about what’s missing
in their life. Since 4w5s are still romantically inclined they can long for a loving relationship but
struggle intensely with the idea of having to give up some of their personal freedom and also deal
with relationship challenges. It often seems easier for them to maintain their down-beat,
minimalistic lifestyle and privacy than to risk the potential pain and heartache of being in a
serious relationship.
You may find that you can relate to the description of Type Four with a Three wing also
(see above). However, there is a fundamental energetic difference between these two
descriptions. See if you can discern which description sounds more like you, however slight that
difference might be.