Socionics description of ISTj (The Pragmatist)

Logical-Sensory Intratim – ISTj (The Pragmatist)  Based upon original work by Victor Gulenko with some alterations 

ISTjs often have a very firm, solid figure, especially males. They keep their feet rooted to the ground giving the impression that they are sturdy and secure. Their heads are firmly fixed squarely to their shoulders and are practically immovable. Their necks appear to be inflexible so when they turn their head their shoulders usually follow. Their facial expressions are somewhat unemotional and show great concentration. 

Male ISTjs often wear a moustache. If they do not have one then there probably is a logical reason for it, as in general they all agree that a moustache is a good idea. Their clothes are often clean, ironed and tidy. They follow strict styles, never being too flashy or extravagant. It is as if military uniforms were designed specifically for ISTjs. They take great care of their appearance and may criticise people who do not. 

ISTjs walk with their hands down by their sides. Their arms hardly seem to move at all and it can appear that their elbows have no joints. Their gait is usually even and rhythmical however from time to time ISTjs can turn sharply and unexpectedly, changing their course without warning. 

Many ISTjs find it quite easy to interact with strangers and considering that they are introverts can feel quite close to someone even after a relatively short amount of contact. They often have a large compendium of jokes and anecdotes. Males often use this arsenal to charm females, usually behaving very gallantly, successfully playing role of the gentleman. They are often the life and soul of the party. They enjoy singing with little more than a guitar for accompaniment and often in a romantic style. 

ISTjs try always to be punctual and appreciate this quality in others very much. They pay great attention to facts, figures and technical information. They try to work everything out in depth and down to the last detail. ISTjs are very realistic people. They are not supporters of unproved ideas or theories and will hesitate in undertaking uncertain projects. They believe that everything should be prepared carefully and accurately. 

When in conversation, ISTjs often utilise common expressions and sayings and may sometimes be excessively instructive and edifying. This can be annoying to others. ISTjs like posters, placards, bills and the other printed propaganda. When they in informal surroundings they are often inclined to talk about subjects related to philosophy or morality. They may show an interest in religion, mysticism and predictions. ISTjs are always ready to share their knowledge with others and readily give people advice based on their own experiences. 

As children ISTjs are very often obedient, docile, responsible and respectful. For this reason they are often used by adults as examples to other children. This will often lead them to take positions of responsibility while still at school. ISTjs adapt well to positions of power and are very dutiful. When in power they show good administrative and organisation skills. They demand the exact fulfilment of their orders and are uncompromising in these matters. They usually maintain strong discipline inside organisations. They like and respect authority and always obey subordination. 

ISTjs like to collect reference material, encyclopaedias and dictionaries. They will never admit that they do not know something within the field of their activity. When they buy new appliances they always read the manual before using them even if the operations are obvious. At home they regimented in an almost military fashion. Every item has it’s own specific place and they look after and take care of all their things. ISTjs can become very irritated and angry if somebody changes or interrupts this specific order or treats their possessions improperly. 

They try to create comfort and order around them. They are good artisans and know how to make minor repairs. They generally like to work with their hands. They do not require much variety in their food and can eat the same thing for several days without any problem as long as it’s of a high quality. ISTjs are unconfident in relationships. They are aware of this inability and as a result are very suspicious of other people, especially ones that do not interact openly with them. This may often cause an excessive paranoia.